The 2024 Rocket City Savages 7v7 Travel Elite season has commenced.

For those who are interested in joining the Rocket City Savages elite 7v7 team, please contact the below individual:

Rocket City Savages 7v7 President/Coach:

Rocket City Savages 7v7 General Information:

7v7 football is a version of football that emphasizes passing and route-running. There are no pads in 7v7 football because there’s no tackling. The game is played on a 40-yard field with only two first downs and 7 players on each side of the ball. The QB has to throw the ball on every down, therefore running plays are not a part of this game. This helps create a fast-paced environment that allows QBs to work on their passing, while enabling receivers the ability to work on their route-running and catching skills. It also caters to the defensive skill-sets of cornerbacks, linebackers and safeties, as it creates the opportunity for more one-on-one coverage play.

Benefits of playing 7v7:

  • HEALTH BENEFITS Just being an active participant renders numerous health benefits, as 7v7 football is a great way for athletes to build up their conditioning and stamina on account of all the cardio involved.

  • REPETITIONS Instead of just running drills in which can be monotonous, 7v7 football allows players to practice different game scenarios. This could be a great way for high school kids, or any level, to get ready for their next game. 

  • DECREASED INJURIES By eliminating tackles, players can focus on their running and passing without having to worry about defending themselves. Some leagues require players to wear soft-shell helmets to protect themselves from head injuries, which doesn’t occur often because there’s no tackling. 

  • PERFECTING THE PASS Because teams cannot tackle or run the ball, QBs have the chance to work on their accuracy and timing when throwing a football. 

  • GREAT EXPOSURE Although college coaches and recruiters are prohibited from actually attending 7v7 games, increasing coverage of tournaments has become available, giving high school football players more opportunities to showcase their skills.